Thursday, January 31, 2013

November 2012 life drawing

Been awhile since I posted some life drawing on here. This is my stuff from a session at the start of November last year. Should really have posted this earlier.

I borrowed some compressed charcoal for the class off the brilliant Aine. Her work with it is awesome, and I was in a real mood to draw some cartoony/ more animated stuff.

Going for "speed" here. The pose felt like he should be moving.

Pushing the details on the back here to show the "stress" in the pose

Influenced by my painted stuff earlier in the year. Less is more.
Tried to have the neck line move continuously into the torso
Graphite stick. Might edit the leg out, really happy with it in general thou.

 So the second half of the class was an exercise where in the model takes a pose we draw, then the model rotates 90 degrees and takes up the same pose. I loved this and really went to town trying to push the silhouettes and the volumes.
Really happy with the light on the back here

This drawing is what I was trying to achieve in the class that night. Pushing volumes and shapes to heighten the gesture.

 And for 1 pose, we had the model rotate 3 times. Think the second 2 drawings illustrate the idea I was going for. Extremely happy with them.

Got a little carried away with the shadows. But you can see where the shape goes in the next drawing.

One of my favorite drawings of 2012. really happy with the light and extreme gesture

Pushed the shapes of the shoulders here to convey the model's size.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super-hero wednesday

Quick sketch I pieced together before leaving work today, then a quick digital colouring. Always loved the Scarlet Spider 90's design.


Tuesday pic - another girl! Think it might become a common "theme"

Monday, January 28, 2013


Today's drawing is obviously more a portrait than a caricature. It's of my uncle Eamon. I did this back in 2008 as part of a Christmas present. The final image looked similar to a previous post, so I decided to just post Eamo.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


So the Boulder Art blog is doing a retropective theme this month. So I dug out some old stuf.

The first 2 pics are the oldest drawings I could find over the weekend. Obviously the first 1 is a father's day card I made my dad. I think it's from 86.

The second is from 88. It was Dublin's millennium in 1988 and I was mental for vikings. The cross-eyed thing is a bit mental when I look at it now, but back then me and the kid that sat beside me in school used to draw all our characters with it.

And the third pic is the first drawing I ever did in Boulder. As far as I remember I drew it during week 1 so I'd have something instead of a blue coloured wallpaper.

And on top of the artwork I thought everyone would find this story I wrote when I was 7 funny too. (More Ghostbusters!)

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I'm counting this as the Friday post (I figure a lot of these "everyday" posts are gonna be post 12am)
I will try and do a better scan of this tomorrow. The whole thing is a little blurry, but it's all coloured in, so that makes a difference.

Obviously, it's a pic of Abe from B.P.R.D

Friday, January 25, 2013


Distracted by watching Dredd so a little late, An awesome film and probably one of my favourite action movies in years. Real 80's old school shooter. Come on the sequel!

So here's thursday pic, not the best scan but hey, I was watching Dredd shoot people!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


And with that, it was three in a row!

I carry an A6 sketchbook around with me and this was the first page of one that I tried to make each page a full drawing. Will probably post a couple more out of it this week.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random scribble!


First Turtle pic of 2013, may as well go on the blog. Along with the "Monday Mate" thing, (that needs to be pushed a little more) gonna try and post a random scribble every other day.


Still counts as a Monday, if I'm still up right? ;)

This week's post is one of my best friends Ian Fitzpatrick. I've known Fitz for years and he's like an unofficial "Teehan"

 I am pretty happy with this and it has the added bonus of being seen and approved by Fitz himself! Bonus.

 This time I'm showing all the skteches that led to the final version. On the left page you can see where I was trying to use weirder shapes to start from. Each of the bottom ones are a little big.

The right page, the left top corner is an amalgamation of alot of left page. Then I hit the top right drawing, that became the middle sketch and then that sketch became the main drawing.

I know this can be a little harder to see if these drawings work when I don't have reference. Think I might ask the people I'm posting up if their cool with it.

Anyway. Enjoy Fitz!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Monday Mate late!

Not posting 2 weeks in a row on a Monday, looks like 2013 is gonna be just as good as every other year.


Here's one of the newest members of Boulder - Niall! (pronounced Neil, which I keep fucking up, sorry buddy).

I was so happy with this one I haven't bothered to revisit or fiddle with any other approach. Done in one!

Think I captured Niall's attitude pretty spot on. What does everyone else think?

(trying to encourage people to feel free to post comments on the blog too)

Saturday, January 05, 2013


This is what I unwrapped on Christmas day! An awesome Cyclops piece!!!

Sinead very sneakily commissioned the amazing Stephen Mooney to do this brilliant splash page!

I have to be honest, pretty much think this could be one of the best things I think he's produced this year, and I'm pretty delighted it was for me!

For anyone who doesn't know Stephen's work, he was the artist on Joss Whedon's Angel comic and last year he snuck me into the Teen Wolf comic he did. (Which was CLASS!)

This year he is going to release his first creator owned book "Half Past Danger" with IDW and from everything he's shown me so far, it's gonna be brilliant.

Shoot over to and check out his stuff!