Saturday, June 09, 2007


So, due to everyone not believing me, heres some photos of the cycle to cork...

Group Photo - from left to right:
Matty, Graham, Me, Ro, Al, Damo, Wiggy and Stef

The Teehans

Ready, set, go!

Action Shot!

Garden Peas!!!


Put it away!!!

The Rookies!

The gang in cork!

I have to convert the little bit of video i have and post it too. unfortunately i dont have as many photos as i'd like, but Graham has more pictures for me. It rained on day 2 so the cameras werent in use at all.

Oh and here's a link to Damo's myspace, the guy is a music genius and he has a couple of tracks on there.

Damo's myspace

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Well, i'm sitting here and the only thing thats sore is the heart burn!!! How cool is that? I#m gonna put up a big post tomorrow of photos and stuff, but i was bord and couldnt sleep so i did the route out on the auld google map...

The route

Tomorrow, i'll break that down into its stages and give a detailed account of the trip.