Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Thanks to everyone

So i thought I'd just post something small right now, a thank you to all my friends for 2 things.

firstly for supporting the cycle, i raised €1,050 and i was well delighted about that. I'll get the over all number of what we raised when Damo gets it all together, but i fairly figure we beat our target of €5,000.

Secondly, I'd like to thank all my friends over the last two weeks for looking out for me. With the death of my Grandfather I've been sort of running on auto pilot and that would explain both my lack of work on both this blog and the running of the boulder one...

Anyway, i hope to turn things round this week and get the head together!

I'll probably do a proper post tomorrow night about my grandad tomorrow night, but for anyone who hadn't met him or hasn't heard me talk about him (you should have listened), here's the article that was printed in the cork echo last week.

p.s. thanks Chris for scanning it and sending it to me