Monday, December 24, 2012

Had to be Gav!

Was sure I'd have posted a few life drawings last week, but the old chrimbo shopping got kinda hectic.

This was originally a request. It's an old drawing, and I had always ment to revisit and nail it a bit closer.

This is Gavin, my eldest cousin. He asked for a pic similar to my personal pic(the coloured one in the boulder group shot). So it's a little more "charles shultz" than normal.

I'm sure I've posted about him before. He's the cousin that stopped drinking alchole for a year for charity. Here's the blog he set up back in 2010 - and there's photo ref there if you want to see if I got him right.

This week he got some EXCELLENT news. After 10 years, he got told by his cancer doctor that they no longer needed to see each other because Gav was TOO healthy.

BOOM!!! - fuck you cancer!

The one on the left is a cleaner version of the original
I have to say, I always knew he'd beat it. He's my big cousin and I'm extremely proud of him this week.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Here's Sue!

So, in keeping with this becoming a weekly thing, I was toying with calling it "Monday mates" but lets face it, that's terrible!

Anyway, here's today's caricature.


I've known Sue for about 10 years now. We started working together in Kavaleer and I was delighted when she joined Boulder a couple of years later. She is an excellent animator!

Very happy with this, think I nailed Sue's character.

This is basically the same as the one above, but with her ponytail and dark hair colour. Some of the lines are a little cleaner too, but I think I prefer the first image.

This was from the initial attempts I made years ago, never liked either of these.

I think I'm gonna keep showing my workings, like a maths problem. Here you can clearly see the evolution of my work. These 4 drawings all lead directly to the image at the top. You can see where I had trouble remembering Sue's nose but I think its clear that her cheeks just get more defined in each drawing.

Hope you like this Sue!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

some life drawing

 The black and whites are from the warm up (graphite stick). I kinda like the layout of the first page, especially the top. Don't usually draw more than one figure a page, so I wanted to try and work with laying out the page.

Then moved on to marker. The exercise was a minute of looking at the pose without drawing. Then between 1 - 3 mins to draw the pose from memory. I like drawing more "cartoony" during this. Think the clear lines and shapes help push the gesture.

1 of the chosen 2 I was happy to show for critique

1 of the chosen 2 I was happy to show for critique

Then I carried this approach on to an exercise where we look at the model pose, and then draw what we think he/she looks like for 90 degrees to the right of the pose.
The drawing I chose to show at the end of the exercise


 Enjoyed this class, more of an experiment in line work than trying to get great images, so it's always a bonus when the others compliment the work. (Have a load of life drawing to post too, so you should see better stuff this week.)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bryan from comp!

So I've decided to start posting my caricatures of friends and colleagues. (You might remember I put this together

As you might have read before, I tend to draw these from memory as much as I can. I think it makes em better drawings.
This is Bryan from comp. Someone had mentioned this drawing to him last week, so only fitting his gets posted first.

Pretty happy with this, hope Bryan likes it too. 
Bryan from comp
 I'm also gonna post some of the alternative or pre-lim versions to these. As you can see in the middle version, sometimes these drawings aren't pretty, but I use them to deconstruct people to the most basic elements that remind me of the person. The first pic looks nought like Bryan, the second image is a re-evaluation of his "structure" (the eyes and position became the most important thing in my mind's eye) and the third image is a rework of the mustache on the preferred image above. The reason I prefer the top image is the eyes are better.

I gonna post one person a week and make this a regular thing.