Monday, December 24, 2012

Had to be Gav!

Was sure I'd have posted a few life drawings last week, but the old chrimbo shopping got kinda hectic.

This was originally a request. It's an old drawing, and I had always ment to revisit and nail it a bit closer.

This is Gavin, my eldest cousin. He asked for a pic similar to my personal pic(the coloured one in the boulder group shot). So it's a little more "charles shultz" than normal.

I'm sure I've posted about him before. He's the cousin that stopped drinking alchole for a year for charity. Here's the blog he set up back in 2010 - and there's photo ref there if you want to see if I got him right.

This week he got some EXCELLENT news. After 10 years, he got told by his cancer doctor that they no longer needed to see each other because Gav was TOO healthy.

BOOM!!! - fuck you cancer!

The one on the left is a cleaner version of the original
I have to say, I always knew he'd beat it. He's my big cousin and I'm extremely proud of him this week.

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