Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Animation art Show

"Let's Roll"
 Here is my piece for this years Animation Art Auction. The show, run by 3 brilliant friends of mine, is open to the entire Irish animation community. Being an event mostly for animation members, it's a great chance for people who usually never get to show work in a gallery sense.

Last year the auction raised an amazing amount of money for charity, hopefully this year will be just as amazing.
Close up
My piece is titled "Let's roll!" - it's inspired by both the old video game Gauntlet, and dungeon and dragons. (I always played as the Elf!)

Pretty happy with the piece, considering I really didnt have a lot of time to produce something. (sickness, deadlines, traveling and some other stuff all got in the way)

If you're in Dublin the weekend of nov 2nd and 3rd, come along!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

NYCC 2013!!!

So a ticket for New York Comic Con turns up, and I decided to celebrate finishing the first pass of the last episode of Randy by attending!

It was a brilliant week, and well needed. Most of the gang went too. Mooney, Dec, Jac, Franners Will and Bennessy! And as a bonus the Galvinator turned up too!

As always, I got maybe a little too much... and I even forgot stuff I'd seen that I wanted.

Where to start??? I suppose I have to post the sketches first, and with that I have to start with Adam Hughes! What an artist, and on top of that a brilliant bloke too! He was doing sketches for charity. So after messing up in 2010, I was determined to get a sketch off him this year.
Black Cat!

Wonder Woman... need I say more!
Black Cat print... youch!
Second is Ben Caldwell.... I love his art. In the last few years his style has had a big influence on me. So meeting him was excellent. AND he had the sketch I had suggested to him on twitter with him... so naturally I had to have that.

It's Back to the future/ Marty vs Dracula

Thirdly, I met Mike Kunkel. Wow. What a great guy. His enthusiasm alone inspires me to draw.

While talking to Mike (for the second time), Chris Eliopoulos dropped by... and I jumped at the chance to get a sketch off him!

Now onto the sketchbook scribbles. First up is Andrew Robinson. I got his Art Hogs book off him.

Got the newest book off Scott C, and I asked for a random scribble - He drew me a Turtle! (Class!)

Got a quick Rafeal Albuquerque batman.

Robbi Rodriguez was so modest when I was talking to him, he gave me free stuff. And this sketch.

Now on to the prints. 

One of the big draws this year was Joe Mad... he is a hero of mine. His art is amazing! He got a good giggle out of me telling him he's a legend!

Sean Murphy was there again this year... never got to talk to him, but we chatted a little at D.I.C.E a few weeks before hand. This is the print I never got in Dublin... love it!

Love this!

This is Ricardo Lopez Ortiz - He's really good friends with Dec and Will. And his stuff is excellent. The middle Link image is class!

And then this is Stacey Lee. I regret not getting the post cards larger now. I love her stuff too. Stacey is also friends with Will and Dec, and is Ricardo's girlfriend. (Now that is a talented couple!)

Marcio Takara's Supergirl. He had loads of stuff I would have bought too.

On the last day I met Andrea Tamme - Wish I'd spotted her earlier... Love this. Would have loved to talk to her more.

Met Jeff Stokely, the artist on six gun gorilla. What a nice guy. We had some good craic on Sunday night too.

Think this was the first image I spotted in the whole con. Both by Joanna Nagy.

This is great fun -  by Ian Brauner. He had some great optimus prime stuff too.

Absolutely love this. Adam Carlson's oils are awesome.

And here are all the books I got.... a very heavy bag returning!

Got a little more to post, but will do that later.

Friday, October 04, 2013

It's an HOMAGE!!!

Chris has been doing these brilliant "friend or foe" pictures on his blog. They're great!
But when looking at them I got to thinking "it would be funny if it was me and coke"
Anyway -  hope you get a giggle out of it Chris!