Sunday, October 20, 2013

NYCC 2013!!!

So a ticket for New York Comic Con turns up, and I decided to celebrate finishing the first pass of the last episode of Randy by attending!

It was a brilliant week, and well needed. Most of the gang went too. Mooney, Dec, Jac, Franners Will and Bennessy! And as a bonus the Galvinator turned up too!

As always, I got maybe a little too much... and I even forgot stuff I'd seen that I wanted.

Where to start??? I suppose I have to post the sketches first, and with that I have to start with Adam Hughes! What an artist, and on top of that a brilliant bloke too! He was doing sketches for charity. So after messing up in 2010, I was determined to get a sketch off him this year.
Black Cat!

Wonder Woman... need I say more!
Black Cat print... youch!
Second is Ben Caldwell.... I love his art. In the last few years his style has had a big influence on me. So meeting him was excellent. AND he had the sketch I had suggested to him on twitter with him... so naturally I had to have that.

It's Back to the future/ Marty vs Dracula

Thirdly, I met Mike Kunkel. Wow. What a great guy. His enthusiasm alone inspires me to draw.

While talking to Mike (for the second time), Chris Eliopoulos dropped by... and I jumped at the chance to get a sketch off him!

Now onto the sketchbook scribbles. First up is Andrew Robinson. I got his Art Hogs book off him.

Got the newest book off Scott C, and I asked for a random scribble - He drew me a Turtle! (Class!)

Got a quick Rafeal Albuquerque batman.

Robbi Rodriguez was so modest when I was talking to him, he gave me free stuff. And this sketch.

Now on to the prints. 

One of the big draws this year was Joe Mad... he is a hero of mine. His art is amazing! He got a good giggle out of me telling him he's a legend!

Sean Murphy was there again this year... never got to talk to him, but we chatted a little at D.I.C.E a few weeks before hand. This is the print I never got in Dublin... love it!

Love this!

This is Ricardo Lopez Ortiz - He's really good friends with Dec and Will. And his stuff is excellent. The middle Link image is class!

And then this is Stacey Lee. I regret not getting the post cards larger now. I love her stuff too. Stacey is also friends with Will and Dec, and is Ricardo's girlfriend. (Now that is a talented couple!)

Marcio Takara's Supergirl. He had loads of stuff I would have bought too.

On the last day I met Andrea Tamme - Wish I'd spotted her earlier... Love this. Would have loved to talk to her more.

Met Jeff Stokely, the artist on six gun gorilla. What a nice guy. We had some good craic on Sunday night too.

Think this was the first image I spotted in the whole con. Both by Joanna Nagy.

This is great fun -  by Ian Brauner. He had some great optimus prime stuff too.

Absolutely love this. Adam Carlson's oils are awesome.

And here are all the books I got.... a very heavy bag returning!

Got a little more to post, but will do that later.

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