Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Now this is a big post!

So, i havent posted in awhile... mainly cos i've been extremely busy of late. The cycle to Cork is this Saturday, so i figured before i post all the photos and video of me in pain, i'd post some pics.

the first is a gif for the boulder blog banner. First attempt... think i'll post it anyway.

This one's thoroughly inspired by Ed. Its the Jiger he was slagging me about during the hybrid theme on the work blog... really going thru a Hanna Barbara phase at the mo.

These two are for another work related post. The them was Summer blockbusters. So i did one of the lads, Simon, as the silver surfer... cause he surfs... I perfer the cartoon, but thought he'd get a kick out of a photoshop job too.

This is a sketch i did of hugo from Lost last night, while watching the last episode... i firmly believe the whole thing is a giant joke on the public. Any way i'll probably stick the whole thing out just like Prison Break and when it finishes wish i spent the time drawing!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thanks Craig!

So we recieved a copy of the Foster's dvd today in work, and Craig McCraken actually sorted us out with a copy each. So thanks for that! Its a pretty nice dvd package and two scenes i did during the first 3 episodes actually are used on the back. Pretty happy with that.

Also, Steve sent me this so check it out, its great...

Youtube clip

Saturday, May 12, 2007

For Stef

This is a piece of animation i did last year for a couple of reasons.
1)Last summer we had some down time in boulder, it was the period between foster's ending and el tigre starting, so they asked us to do some animated 10 seond clips that we could put on the website or show reel. Well in all honesty i was tired at that point and didnt really feel like doing a 10 second flash joke, so i decided to do something i myself could use on my own reel. So i did a dance sequence.
2)I also did it for my cousin Stef who was a dancer lent me most of the reference i watched before starting it.
3) The dance section of the gorillaz first video is class and i always wanted to animate something like that!

Now its not really finished as i never coloured it the way i wanted, but its a nice piece and it made it onto my reel back in march.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I wanted to post this just for fun. I play Call of duty and enjoy playing online the odd night (in fact i think I'm addicted) any way last year before my friend Steve went gallivanting around the world we kinda set up a clan as a joke while playing Battlefield online. It was called "H3ro squad" after an excellent joke in Arrested Development.

Well, 1 year later we're back together and we decided to "clan" our game names again... So i thought I'd post a screen grab of us cleaning up in a server... (they tried to kick us, cos they thought we were cheating)

Anyway my game name is "Ricky Martin" after, you guessed, it Ricky Martin. Its because of a great sketch on SNL i saw back when i started playing C.O.D originally where jimmy Fallon did Ricky martin in a celebrity jeopardy... anyway, it usually gets a laugh on servers too.


Just found this guy's blog now, me and a friend in work we're salivating over his designs in work today!!!

peter michail

Troy ride!

Disney just posted this on youtube, its a short i worked on last summer.Its not great, but hey, work is work!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

wednesday news

so i dont really have any drawings to post today, but felt i better post something new. So i figure i'll post some news.

Well i went to spider-man 3 last friday, little disappointed with it, but hey, if the cost of spider-man 2 is a dodgey third movie, i'll take it.
Still looking into moving to Canada. Passed several tests as a first step to a visa. Probably the best bit of news i got is that Sinead's sister(Sinead being my girlfriend ) asked can she name her baby Jamie if its a boy. That was pretty cool i must say.

Oh and as a side note Nickelodeon spelt my name wrong on the credits of El Tigre, so i think i hate the show even more now! Anyway only about 4 weeks of it left thank god. Man do i need a break now.

Anyway i think that covers everything for abit... so heres a pic for everyone... its of the 3 rainbows that were over my house yesterday, i only had my camera phone, so you'll have to work to see the 3 of em, but trust me they were there.