Wednesday, May 09, 2007

wednesday news

so i dont really have any drawings to post today, but felt i better post something new. So i figure i'll post some news.

Well i went to spider-man 3 last friday, little disappointed with it, but hey, if the cost of spider-man 2 is a dodgey third movie, i'll take it.
Still looking into moving to Canada. Passed several tests as a first step to a visa. Probably the best bit of news i got is that Sinead's sister(Sinead being my girlfriend ) asked can she name her baby Jamie if its a boy. That was pretty cool i must say.

Oh and as a side note Nickelodeon spelt my name wrong on the credits of El Tigre, so i think i hate the show even more now! Anyway only about 4 weeks of it left thank god. Man do i need a break now.

Anyway i think that covers everything for abit... so heres a pic for everyone... its of the 3 rainbows that were over my house yesterday, i only had my camera phone, so you'll have to work to see the 3 of em, but trust me they were there.


Ed Smith said...

Oh I'll thrust you alright, sailor

Sorry teehan I couldn't let that one go

Peter Slattery said...

Who wouldda thunk it?! The sun DOES actually shine over the 'Noggin.

McIntyre said...

If it's a boy?