Thursday, February 15, 2007


Yeah, just posted ... man it looks like all i draw is that bloody acrobat!!! so here's my homage to an image thats burned into my brain from youth. Its my version of the Hulk Annual #1.(go find it if you dont know what it looks like)

Holy Crap! its 2007..

Yeah i know, in the space of time between this post and my last, not only has the world gotten one year older, but so have i! Unfortunatly i'm now 26... dammit. (quick shout out to all my friends and family who were there to rub it in...).

Any way.... whats new? Well i've been promoted in work, kinda... i'm an animation director now. seriously, i am. Its the reason i aint posted in 2 months. So i thought i better put something up before they close this thing down.

Here's a colour version of the acrobat i did for the work blog.