Saturday, December 03, 2011

Finally some art

Here's the first draft of a piece I was asked to do for Sinead's uncle. Its a family portrait of all of Sinead's siblings, and of the 3 (soon to be 4) grandchildren.  Tried out a couple of things in this that I think worked, or Sinead loved. The playing card "full house" motif. The 2 older grandchildren are the largest heads, and the 2 youngest are right in the middle. The 3 older siblings are at the top and the 3 younger are at the bottom. Sinead and Alanna are beside each other cause they're the eldest for each generation and Sinead gets to be a little bigger, well, just because it's my drawing and I wanted it that way.

Still have alot to finish on it but am fairly happy with the Emma(the baby) and James(the 5year) and was delighted when John knew straight away that the blob in the centre was the ultrasound of his baby.

Hopefully get this finished in the next few days