Friday, February 25, 2011

More mini pics

 So after posting the last 2 photos, i was encouraged to post a couple more that i toyed around with. (thanks Gill).

The first pic I like because of two reasons.
1 - I like the water - helps with the miniature look
2 - The photo is of Bullock Harbour, and of Western Marina, I worked there a long time ago.

 The second picture is from Turkey. Really like how the group of people and the pillars came out.
The final pic is from the first cycle to Galway i did with the lads - on the bikes are Stef and Al, and both will tell you its awhile since anyone said they we're miniature.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

bloody computers!

 Not only did i spend most of yesterday with a hangover(as normal i hear you say), but my stupid computer got infected with a malware program - so all the plans i had for working got thrown out the window. Thanks to Spiderspore, its working again and has a blu-ray drive too now! however with that i haven't got a new drawing to post, so i think I'll post 2 photos i made last year.
 The two photos are attempts at making it look like minitures, was really happy with these 2 when i made em. Not to sure now. (feel free to tell me what you think)

 The first picture is from the trip to Canada a couple of years ago, the second is from my cycle route when I'm in training. kinda wish i had caught it a little closer... will probably try again.
And lastly, wanted to post a drawing - posted the originals of this before. This is the inked version I have on my wall in work. In it you'll also notice i redrew Rob, Anne, and a couple of others. Still not too happy with some of em - Galvin, Moondog, or Aine to mention a few. Alot of these have to be updated, and I've already done newer versions i prefer. Posted this because a good friend of mine from college, Roisin Maguire, told me she really liked my caricatures. So i thought she might like this. (again, don't be afraid to comment)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Old one and a new one!

 So here's 2 Indy themed pics - the one of Indy is an oldie, so I'm sure I've posted it somewhere before. Did this for my msn profile, think during the excitement of the forth film being in production. How quick things change!

The second was a quick "cartoony" sketch i did on the bus during the week. Wanted to push the "stylized" over "likeness" factor.

Wanted to post these under the "eclectic micks related" theme stuff. Mooney's Indy poster was pretty kick-ass. Apparently they're doing cartoon network theme next week - so i better up the game for that!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wolfpack Hoooowwwwwllll!!!!

Had to post this - Ed Smith got this for my birthday! Its a 3d Picture, and 100% awesome!!!!

No other words needed!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sinead Plushy

 Every year i try and make a present for Sinead at christmas. And this year was no exception. Althou, technically i cheated for 2010. After seeing the Lousies work i had to get her to make a plushy of Sinead.

After the class week I've had with her, I had to post these images. Obviously the drawing is the design I did. was pretty happy with how it turned out.
And here's a photo of the doll. I love the little details Louise puts into the dolls. On the Sinead one, shes made the hair individual strips and the hat is separate to the rest of the doll (something my nephew finds amazing!) She added the stitching to the Doc Martins and I love the cheeks and nose.

Sinead was really happy with it and i cant recommend Louise's work enough.
Louise's Plushy Blog

Check out the "Link" and "Spock" ones (think the Spock one is my favourite)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dearg agus Gorm

Did this real quick obviously, spent the last 2 days celebrating my birthday.

I like the flat colours myself  - its the animator in me. Not too sure if the web motive works aswell on this one, but had to add it to match the black one. Would love to design a spidey show (althou in fairness Cheeks did a bang up job on the last one)

Hope you like it!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Teehanwolf Tuesdays!

As mentioned before on the blog, I hang around with the lads from the Eclectic Micks - Each week they do a sketch for the blog on their assigned day.(although at the mo, it seems anything goes!)

Anyway - they started actually theming each week, and at Christmas the lads asked me to draw an image for the TMNT week. Well that came and went, and every time i meet Mooney he says i should draw something for 'em. So last week was spidey week, and for all you people who know me, I'm a pretty big fan of Spider-man. So I had to do something for it.

While the micks blog was full of the red and blue, i had to draw the black costume -Ii love the design of it! Really had fun with this and no doubt I'll recolour it red and blue.
I figure I'm gonna try and keep up with the lads, its a great idea, although I have no idea what Robotech looks like! (I might be 30 this month but I ain't as old as Moondog!)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

A request!

So after the last image i did of Eoghan, he asked me to do a old school Street Fighter 2 one. Its the battle of the champions - Eoghan vs Tom - literally Ryu vs Ken. Both have been playing this game for 20 odd years now. And have been playing the game for 4 years in work against each other.

Gonna do a gif version, just have to recolour Dalton to work in gif form. And probably do some more detail on Tom's hair. Anyway..

I'm pretty happy with this. The Eoghan pose is taken for a photo, and is something he usually does, Tom's head is taken from a photo, and his body should be pretty obvious to any fans of the game.(was running out of time, and really wanted to post this.)

Had great fun doing this, and this no doubt will result in other drawings of friends in pixel art form.

Plus there's nothing better than annoying the lads while they battle for the glory of "Friday pints Champion"!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Freelance Fun!

During the year I made it a prority to get back to doing some work outside of the studio - always good to stretch the aul freelance muscles. But for all the benefits with it there are always the downsides to it.

Did a gig early on and  this is how i discovered the design got used, while driving past it plastered on the back of a bus. Mad!

Still, did enjoy seeing it got picked.