Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Teehanwolf Tuesdays!

As mentioned before on the blog, I hang around with the lads from the Eclectic Micks - Each week they do a sketch for the blog on their assigned day.(although at the mo, it seems anything goes!)

Anyway - they started actually theming each week, and at Christmas the lads asked me to draw an image for the TMNT week. Well that came and went, and every time i meet Mooney he says i should draw something for 'em. So last week was spidey week, and for all you people who know me, I'm a pretty big fan of Spider-man. So I had to do something for it.

While the micks blog was full of the red and blue, i had to draw the black costume -Ii love the design of it! Really had fun with this and no doubt I'll recolour it red and blue.
I figure I'm gonna try and keep up with the lads, its a great idea, although I have no idea what Robotech looks like! (I might be 30 this month but I ain't as old as Moondog!)


galvinator said...

class work man!

Derm said...

New blog rules man! I freakin love it. 8bit header? Sweet.

teehanwolf said...

thanks lads!

(thought you'd like the header Derm)

Declan Shalvey said...

It was ULTIMATE Spidey Jamie; ULTIMATE Spidey.

Still; love that black costume.

Stephen Mooney said...

This is really great man, love the crackling energy and character of the piece.

Have they not done the black cosyume yet in the Ultimate universe Dec?

Declan Shalvey said...

Oh... they might have... ah hell i dunno anymore. I'd better hand in my Marvel card.