Thursday, February 03, 2011

A request!

So after the last image i did of Eoghan, he asked me to do a old school Street Fighter 2 one. Its the battle of the champions - Eoghan vs Tom - literally Ryu vs Ken. Both have been playing this game for 20 odd years now. And have been playing the game for 4 years in work against each other.

Gonna do a gif version, just have to recolour Dalton to work in gif form. And probably do some more detail on Tom's hair. Anyway..

I'm pretty happy with this. The Eoghan pose is taken for a photo, and is something he usually does, Tom's head is taken from a photo, and his body should be pretty obvious to any fans of the game.(was running out of time, and really wanted to post this.)

Had great fun doing this, and this no doubt will result in other drawings of friends in pixel art form.

Plus there's nothing better than annoying the lads while they battle for the glory of "Friday pints Champion"!


Aidan said...

Eoghan looks like he wants to kiss Tom. Tom looks like he's trying to resist but deep down wants to kiss him back.

Daltronica said...

My special move is jabbin you with a broken buckfast bottle. Tom wellies into you on his motorbike.

Louise said...

:D thats brilliant!
good to see that you're posting again too

paul o'flanagan said...

that's deadly man