Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sinead Plushy

 Every year i try and make a present for Sinead at christmas. And this year was no exception. Althou, technically i cheated for 2010. After seeing the Lousies work i had to get her to make a plushy of Sinead.

After the class week I've had with her, I had to post these images. Obviously the drawing is the design I did. was pretty happy with how it turned out.
And here's a photo of the doll. I love the little details Louise puts into the dolls. On the Sinead one, shes made the hair individual strips and the hat is separate to the rest of the doll (something my nephew finds amazing!) She added the stitching to the Doc Martins and I love the cheeks and nose.

Sinead was really happy with it and i cant recommend Louise's work enough.
Louise's Plushy Blog

Check out the "Link" and "Spock" ones (think the Spock one is my favourite)

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Louise said...

thanks jamie!
your too nice :)