Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Old one and a new one!

 So here's 2 Indy themed pics - the one of Indy is an oldie, so I'm sure I've posted it somewhere before. Did this for my msn profile, think during the excitement of the forth film being in production. How quick things change!

The second was a quick "cartoony" sketch i did on the bus during the week. Wanted to push the "stylized" over "likeness" factor.

Wanted to post these under the "eclectic micks related" theme stuff. Mooney's Indy poster was pretty kick-ass. Apparently they're doing cartoon network theme next week - so i better up the game for that!


Monkeyshine said...

You've drawn Mc Gann in a hat?....brokeback mountain?

Stephen Mooney said...

Love that Dr. Jones Sr.