Thursday, May 10, 2007


I wanted to post this just for fun. I play Call of duty and enjoy playing online the odd night (in fact i think I'm addicted) any way last year before my friend Steve went gallivanting around the world we kinda set up a clan as a joke while playing Battlefield online. It was called "H3ro squad" after an excellent joke in Arrested Development.

Well, 1 year later we're back together and we decided to "clan" our game names again... So i thought I'd post a screen grab of us cleaning up in a server... (they tried to kick us, cos they thought we were cheating)

Anyway my game name is "Ricky Martin" after, you guessed, it Ricky Martin. Its because of a great sketch on SNL i saw back when i started playing C.O.D originally where jimmy Fallon did Ricky martin in a celebrity jeopardy... anyway, it usually gets a laugh on servers too.


Just found this guy's blog now, me and a friend in work we're salivating over his designs in work today!!!

peter michail


Monkeyshine said...

I see your big fat hand could only hit 'print screen' on the round you topped! Son of a *&%$£!

Fran Johnston said...

were you, pete and murray sittin in the one room getting fatter and fatter and calling your ma to bring in a bucket for you to shit in so you didn't have to leave the game?

teehanwolf said...

Steve, it was the only grab where the three of us topped the scores together!!!

Peter Slattery said...

Kill to death ratio.... PETEY WINS!! And everyone knows that's the REAL way to calculate the score! ;)

teehanwolf said...

keep tellin yourself that pete, some day it might come true!