Saturday, May 12, 2007

For Stef

This is a piece of animation i did last year for a couple of reasons.
1)Last summer we had some down time in boulder, it was the period between foster's ending and el tigre starting, so they asked us to do some animated 10 seond clips that we could put on the website or show reel. Well in all honesty i was tired at that point and didnt really feel like doing a 10 second flash joke, so i decided to do something i myself could use on my own reel. So i did a dance sequence.
2)I also did it for my cousin Stef who was a dancer lent me most of the reference i watched before starting it.
3) The dance section of the gorillaz first video is class and i always wanted to animate something like that!

Now its not really finished as i never coloured it the way i wanted, but its a nice piece and it made it onto my reel back in march.

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