Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Now this is a big post!

So, i havent posted in awhile... mainly cos i've been extremely busy of late. The cycle to Cork is this Saturday, so i figured before i post all the photos and video of me in pain, i'd post some pics.

the first is a gif for the boulder blog banner. First attempt... think i'll post it anyway.

This one's thoroughly inspired by Ed. Its the Jiger he was slagging me about during the hybrid theme on the work blog... really going thru a Hanna Barbara phase at the mo.

These two are for another work related post. The them was Summer blockbusters. So i did one of the lads, Simon, as the silver surfer... cause he surfs... I perfer the cartoon, but thought he'd get a kick out of a photoshop job too.

This is a sketch i did of hugo from Lost last night, while watching the last episode... i firmly believe the whole thing is a giant joke on the public. Any way i'll probably stick the whole thing out just like Prison Break and when it finishes wish i spent the time drawing!

1 comment:

Ed Smith said...

HAHA great work man, the simon caricature is ledge. Not a bad photoshop job either.