Monday, December 10, 2012

Bryan from comp!

So I've decided to start posting my caricatures of friends and colleagues. (You might remember I put this together

As you might have read before, I tend to draw these from memory as much as I can. I think it makes em better drawings.
This is Bryan from comp. Someone had mentioned this drawing to him last week, so only fitting his gets posted first.

Pretty happy with this, hope Bryan likes it too. 
Bryan from comp
 I'm also gonna post some of the alternative or pre-lim versions to these. As you can see in the middle version, sometimes these drawings aren't pretty, but I use them to deconstruct people to the most basic elements that remind me of the person. The first pic looks nought like Bryan, the second image is a re-evaluation of his "structure" (the eyes and position became the most important thing in my mind's eye) and the third image is a rework of the mustache on the preferred image above. The reason I prefer the top image is the eyes are better.