Sunday, December 16, 2012

some life drawing

 The black and whites are from the warm up (graphite stick). I kinda like the layout of the first page, especially the top. Don't usually draw more than one figure a page, so I wanted to try and work with laying out the page.

Then moved on to marker. The exercise was a minute of looking at the pose without drawing. Then between 1 - 3 mins to draw the pose from memory. I like drawing more "cartoony" during this. Think the clear lines and shapes help push the gesture.

1 of the chosen 2 I was happy to show for critique

1 of the chosen 2 I was happy to show for critique

Then I carried this approach on to an exercise where we look at the model pose, and then draw what we think he/she looks like for 90 degrees to the right of the pose.
The drawing I chose to show at the end of the exercise


 Enjoyed this class, more of an experiment in line work than trying to get great images, so it's always a bonus when the others compliment the work. (Have a load of life drawing to post too, so you should see better stuff this week.)

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