Saturday, June 09, 2007


So, due to everyone not believing me, heres some photos of the cycle to cork...

Group Photo - from left to right:
Matty, Graham, Me, Ro, Al, Damo, Wiggy and Stef

The Teehans

Ready, set, go!

Action Shot!

Garden Peas!!!


Put it away!!!

The Rookies!

The gang in cork!

I have to convert the little bit of video i have and post it too. unfortunately i dont have as many photos as i'd like, but Graham has more pictures for me. It rained on day 2 so the cameras werent in use at all.

Oh and here's a link to Damo's myspace, the guy is a music genius and he has a couple of tracks on there.

Damo's myspace


Monkeyshine said...

I see it was genetics that was responsible for the tree trunk legs. What were you guys being bred for?

Lynn said...

Fine pair of legs on ya!!!

Impressive bit of cycling there - though why on earth anyone would make that much of an effort to get to Cork is beyond me ... ZING! heheheh - sorry, couldn't help myself!

Love ya!