Sunday, January 27, 2013


So the Boulder Art blog is doing a retropective theme this month. So I dug out some old stuf.

The first 2 pics are the oldest drawings I could find over the weekend. Obviously the first 1 is a father's day card I made my dad. I think it's from 86.

The second is from 88. It was Dublin's millennium in 1988 and I was mental for vikings. The cross-eyed thing is a bit mental when I look at it now, but back then me and the kid that sat beside me in school used to draw all our characters with it.

And the third pic is the first drawing I ever did in Boulder. As far as I remember I drew it during week 1 so I'd have something instead of a blue coloured wallpaper.

And on top of the artwork I thought everyone would find this story I wrote when I was 7 funny too. (More Ghostbusters!)

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