Thursday, January 31, 2013

November 2012 life drawing

Been awhile since I posted some life drawing on here. This is my stuff from a session at the start of November last year. Should really have posted this earlier.

I borrowed some compressed charcoal for the class off the brilliant Aine. Her work with it is awesome, and I was in a real mood to draw some cartoony/ more animated stuff.

Going for "speed" here. The pose felt like he should be moving.

Pushing the details on the back here to show the "stress" in the pose

Influenced by my painted stuff earlier in the year. Less is more.
Tried to have the neck line move continuously into the torso
Graphite stick. Might edit the leg out, really happy with it in general thou.

 So the second half of the class was an exercise where in the model takes a pose we draw, then the model rotates 90 degrees and takes up the same pose. I loved this and really went to town trying to push the silhouettes and the volumes.
Really happy with the light on the back here

This drawing is what I was trying to achieve in the class that night. Pushing volumes and shapes to heighten the gesture.

 And for 1 pose, we had the model rotate 3 times. Think the second 2 drawings illustrate the idea I was going for. Extremely happy with them.

Got a little carried away with the shadows. But you can see where the shape goes in the next drawing.

One of my favorite drawings of 2012. really happy with the light and extreme gesture

Pushed the shapes of the shoulders here to convey the model's size.


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Louise said...

these look great, you really worked well with the compressed charcoal. Love the first one especially.