Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Still counts as a Monday, if I'm still up right? ;)

This week's post is one of my best friends Ian Fitzpatrick. I've known Fitz for years and he's like an unofficial "Teehan"

 I am pretty happy with this and it has the added bonus of being seen and approved by Fitz himself! Bonus.

 This time I'm showing all the skteches that led to the final version. On the left page you can see where I was trying to use weirder shapes to start from. Each of the bottom ones are a little big.

The right page, the left top corner is an amalgamation of alot of left page. Then I hit the top right drawing, that became the middle sketch and then that sketch became the main drawing.

I know this can be a little harder to see if these drawings work when I don't have reference. Think I might ask the people I'm posting up if their cool with it.

Anyway. Enjoy Fitz!

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