Monday, January 13, 2014

First post of 2014 - Franners!

So at Christmas just gone, the awesome Aine McGuinness organized an art swap for a bunch of people. I got one of my best friends, Fran Johnston!!!

So I decided to do a drawing of Fran himself, in a style I thought he would like. (Aine's :P)

I was pretty happy with how this turned out. It's mainly cobalt blue ink, tried to keep it nice and christmassy.

So I did tonnes of drawings to get this right, but I'm only gonna post a selection of previous Fran drawings.

The first version of Fran I loved, from back in 2008 (i think)

The cleaned up version, obviously.
An early sketch for the idea I had of the picture.

Fran sitting at his desk. Drawn for the caricatures wall.
I like this one, a cartoony version!
But this is probably my favourite of them all!
some roughs, you can see some other picture ideas in here.
more roughs
even more roughs!


Fran Johnston said...

Jayziz Teehan! I'm well impressed with the amount of study work. cheers dude!

Áine said...

Deadly stuff Jamie... So happy you took part in it!