Monday, December 16, 2013


The awesome Barry Reynolds drew this back in 2003!
The latest theme on the Boulder Art blog is ME!

So, with that I thought it might be fun to post some of the drawings people have done of me over the years.
Paul O Flanagan's pic from this year. Love this!
Neev Brennan's pic of me and coke... my first love!
Another quick Neev pic.
The last pic Neev did of me... a very romantic version of me.
Jenny O Brien's scribble of me. Dashing, right?

This is the "altered" Jamie model from Randy Cunningham. Good old Rob Fletch believed my design lacked the bare chest!
Tom Gray's version of me. Little bit Peter Andre, that I'm fine with :P
Shane Sadlier left this on my desk one day.

Shane slagging my love of Iron Man 3

Shane's version of me is pretty "strong"
Recieved this pic in an email from a very talented young animator that did an internship in boulder over the last 2 years. Billy Crinion... definitely someone to watch in the future, I was delighted to help him out.
I think I have more of theses in a folder, so hopefully I'll find em and post them.

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