Monday, February 17, 2014


Really happy with this one!
So I finally get round to posting this one - the talented Mr. Tom Galvin!

This was a very tough one, Tom is incredible at caricatures and as I will show it took a journey to get there.

The Process
 Some very early attempts. YIKES
 The first drawing breaking down shape and features.
 Was trying to create the pic using a definite shape... like the beard stuff in these.
The final 3 drawings. The first is the one where I think I nailed it, the middle and last lose alot of the energy and character, I think.

I'm posting this for a second reason tonight too. As a thank you for Tom's help over the last 2 months. Tom very brilliantly sent some notes and helped me with some stuff to do with my new job.

Go check out his blog right now

Thanks Tom.

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