Monday, December 09, 2013


 So... I've finally gotten round to posting this one!

Gillian Comerford!!!

Gill is one of my best friends in Boulder. 

And this is probably gonna be my biggest "monday mate" post. I've drawn a lot of "Gills". Back in 2007 we did a team building exercise in work where we were to make a "top trumps" card of a person in work. I got Gill in the draw. Think the final drawing, the one above, is probably one of my best!

The re-inked version of the final pic.

A more cartoony version drawn for the Neev/ Jamie caricature wall this year.

The very first drawing I ever did of Gill, back in 2004!

The flash drawings I did the first day of "top trumps"


Some expression stuff for the card.
the evolution towards the favorite version

An alternative style, and it's evolution.

Another alt style, and it's evolution.
This is gonna be a weird week where everyday is probably gonna be "monday mate".

1 comment:

Gillian Comerford said...

Aweeeee it's meeeee!
These are great Jamie,definitely some newbies in there...or oldies I just hadn't seen.

Thanks Jamie!