Friday, September 13, 2013

Season 1, Nailed it!

Today is the deadline for depts on a certain episode I've been directing over the last few weeks.

It is the final episode of season 1 of Randy!


I am so proud to have the privilege of directing this episode and over the last few days my team have put in an epic shift. As I sit here typing I want to talk about them, the crew. 

The anim dept and Helen!
 And what a crew!!! 

I think in the last 2 years they all produced amazing work. 

I've made so many new friends and laughed so much with this group, I hope I get to work with everyone of them for a very long time. I could be all day typing about how talented these people are, but even more than that, how brilliant each person is to work with.

Animation is a never-ending battle of talent vs time... 

and everyday, when you have a crew as dedicated and talented as we were blessed to have, I knew we'd make a great show!

So to everyone of them - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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