Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Had to be Helen!

I like the sketchy version
 Tonight's Monday mate had to be Helen Brown!

Our production manager on Randy, Helen moved back to Manchester this week with her family! I couldn't be happier for her. Helen is an amazing producer, and I love working with her. (helps that she's a united fan too, of course!)
"cleaner version"

Only gone 1 day, her presence was already missed by 11 today. Not gone for good thou, she gets the pleasure of now "arguing" with me over spark and e-mail! :P
The black and white - obviously!
 I had several other early attempts, but I think for tonight, I'm gonna post the development of 1 drawing.
this was the rough I did on Friday.

Helen, hope this is the final time you have to move. The next chapter in your lives is gonna be an excellent adventure.
(And remember to keep a spare room for me and the lads to visit old trafford!)

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