Monday, July 29, 2013


Tonight's post is the brilliant Estrela Lourenco!!!

She's one of the best friends I made on Gumball, many a Friday night it was just Chris, Estrela and myself at the end.

the un-edited original post it.
 Have been a while sitting on these ones. Really trying to get it right. But then Neev and challenged me on Friday and I think I finally nailed it!

So I thought tonight, I'd show some more process. The last few have been "done-in-ones".

 This was the one I thought was the closest from 2011. Was going for a more shaped based design.

Here are some very early attempts from the start of Gumball. The post it in the middle however is from the end of 2012.

Bottom left earliest, then top, then middle.
Think this is where I got her character down. So it was just a development of style then. Still happy with a lot of these. They were definitely in my head when drawing the pic on Friday.

An amazing animator, I was never happy she was moved off my team (she "claims" she didn't request it :P), you should go check out her many blogs!

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