Monday, June 10, 2013

Return to normal service!

After a little bit of a gap, I'm back. Busy busy busy has resulted in the lack of posting in the last 2 weeks. So with that in mind, I'm gonna post 2 people tonight.

First  - Stephen Mcgann!

The last pic I did, think during our painting the studio stage.

Steve is one of the other animation directors in Boulder, I've been lucky enough to work with him for about 10 years now. An excellent animator, Mcgann is best described as a "villain" in my rogues gallery ;). (nerd reference!)

The original sketch I did for back in 08
The clean up of the above sketch

And second, because he requested it - Graham "Hump" Murray!

Did this drawing at the exact same time I drew the Matty Reid pic. I drew em as a pair, because they're always together. (This is a very loose drawing Grahamer, but you asked for a pic! sorry, I promise I'll do a proper one)

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