Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday mate update!

Because I was home late last night, I didn't post all the drawings to do with yesterday's post.

This version I really like... I like using that style for noses.

This is the portrait I did for Stef after his wedding.

Here is the progression of the caricatures. The first obviously a more cartoony version. The second is more the direction I wanted to go, so I built off of that.

This piece was a drawing I was working on for a boulder art blog theme. The theme was to draw a childhood hero. And when I was a kid I used to follow Stef around like made. 

This was inspired by a football camp we attended when we were kids. I remember Stef being surrounded by people watching him play. (Stef is probably the best footballer I ever saw and had the pleasure of playing with!)

And then cut to me... this shy kid covered in mud!

So I had to draw him for the theme!!!

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Stefan Teehan said...

Love this and the story. Legend.