Thursday, April 04, 2013

Boulder Kart!

So this is what i did with my bank holiday weekend - it was ment for the boulder blog's video game character theme last month. But I never got it finished. Each character is picked for specific reasons, like how Luigi in game reminds me of Mick now, or how Ed and Tom are the biggest guys in the studio physically, so they had to be the heavyweights.

So here's the roster.

JT - Jamie Teehan - Mario
MP - Mick Plummer - Luigi
NB - Neev Brennan - Peach
PS - Pete Slattery - Yoshi
TG - Tom Gray - Bowser
ES - Ed Smith - Donkey kong
FJ - Fran Johnston - Koopa trooper
GC - Gill Comerford - Toady
JOB - Jenny O Brien
BC - Borja Chicharro Huertas

Borja got moved when Fran posted the koopa pic on the blog, so then I had to balance it out and Jenny has "mad karting skillz" (her words, not mine) so she had to be added then.

Hope ye all like it.


Gillian Comerford said...

most awesome jamie!!!! i love that im in it!!!!!

Peter Slattery said...

Brilliant, dude. No blue shell for you.