Friday, September 28, 2012

More Fencing Life drawing

So in life drawing on Tuesday we had Doug, the fencing instructor again. This was another excellent session. And we had the added bonus of having Niall (the tutor) pose too!

For the session I also went to A2 paper. Forgot how much better it is working at that scale. Only problem was scanning it! However, upon scanning it I found some of the drawings really worked with this added cut-off. So I'm posting some of those too.

Used purely graphite sticks for drawing. Think it worked best in the previous session, so I wanted to use it again.

Kinda prefer this version - obviously in photoshop I erased the leg line

really happy with these 2 poses

happy with how the sword and the arm almost form one line

Here are the 2 min drawings.
think  this works equally well cut off like this

didnt try blocking with this one, happy with the line work in it.

the right arm is a little messier than i wanted, but i posted this cause I like the left arm

After the 2 min sessions we went to Multiple movement poses. Still struggling with how I want to have these on a single page. Usually they turn into a jumbled mess o' lines. This time I decided to let the blocking of the torso do most of the work and keep the line work to a minimum. These 2 turned out closer to what I want to do for this exercise. (the first atempt was horrid!)

this moves from right to left

Middle pose 1st. left pose 2nd, right pose 3rd

The last few drawings are from when Niall joined Doug in his fencing gear, so we would have 2 models. This was the first time I've ever had this in life drawing"classes", and I loved it.

think this works really well cropped

like this cropped version too

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