Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Life drawing - Aiki Jujitsu

So last week we had an Aiki Jujitsu model for life drawing. Think of it as a samurai.

It was a pretty great class. Had been a while since I'd drawn a model with cloths on and the costume he wore was great. (I joked with Pete that it was kinda like drawing a Jedi)

It was also the last class that Simon will be at and we sat together. Think it worked out really well for both of us, having someone beside you trying out some new approaches. Here's his blog http://tweakoverkill.blogspot.ie/2012/08/lifedrawing.html

The first set are where I used graphite stick.

Tried out poster paint and instead of a brush, used card to paint with. Very happy with the results.

probably my favourite one

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