Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life drawing week 5

This was a tough week. Wasn't feeling the best and we had a new male model. Anatomically he was pretty muscly. Found it hard with all the detail to simplify the poses, don't know why. Also tried compressed charcoal sticks for the first time. Was never a big fan of charcoal, something to do with the sound of it on newsprint. But Aine was doing some deadly stuff with it.... so I wanted to give it a try.

30 seconders, tried to push anatomy (Colin liked this one)
My favorite drawing of the session

Another inverted one. Really happy with this one.

Went more square for these.
This was an attempt to capture the pose in pure silhouette. Probably my second favorite drawing of the session.
Trying to "build" up the pose in layers.... gonna try this on a long pose some time.


Like the more square shapes in this.
Photoshopped - added the shadows, happy with how it turned out.

Tried some marker stuff. Worked internals first, then built out to outlines.

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