Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sketchbook Pro

So Galvin gave me the disk to install sketchbook pro over the weekend and try it out. (I know you told me too Ben)

So i decided to give it a go while watching united get their arses handed to em by Liverpool. Probably a great decision considering Sinead was jumping about screaming with laughter...

Anyway. Last year I was my cousin Stef's groomsman at his wedding. Never prouder to be asked to do something and was so happy top be part of it. Plus it was a brilliant wedding.

So I've been working on a sketch for a little bit and finally got the finger out... really happy with the drawing of Louise, think i might have to tweak one or 2 things on the Stef one thou. Plus I'm not to sure about the "GREY CIRCLE!!!!" in the background. Gonna play around with this (any suggestions welcome.)

Has alot of fun with sketchbook pro, must admit its pretty much the drawing program i've been looking for. Quick, intuitive and easy. Totally recommend it.

Now if only i could hide from the slagging I'm about to get...


Peter Slattery said...

I keep clicking on the 'PRESS START' thing above and it keeps bringing me back to this blog. Damn it, Jamie, I want a platform game where I can repeatedly throw you off high objects into bottomless pits.

Nice drawing by the way. Must get Sketchbook Pro.

galvinator said...

didn't take long to get the hang of the program. good stuff man