Wednesday, August 15, 2007

To Mike Wieringo

I kinda wanted to post this separately. Not that my views on this will be read much, but i just wanted to post something about Mike Wieringo dying over the weekend.

As everyone knows i'm a comicbook nerd and i just wanted to post a picture in remembrance of Ringo. I first found Ringo's work when a friend told me to read Flash like 10 years ago. To say it had a profound effect on me is an understatement. I had always wanted to meet him.

Ringo was a brilliant artist and is one of my all time favourite spidey artists.

Anyway its all been said better than i could ever say it over on newsarama, so i just wanted to post a picture of his.



Fran Johnston said...

here,here! ringo ruled

Moondog said...

Agreed. RIP