Wednesday, April 18, 2007

steamy studios!

OK. This is a one minute pitch i put together with my friend ed. it was back when both of us were unemployed and there was a competition for a show on bbc3. it was aimed at 20-26 year old males... hence why we went with this. At the time i was really happy with this, it took a week all together. (that is to say, compensating for the crappy jobs we were boht working to get money). Anyway, i did the designs and animation and ed did the sound and the dialogue. Strictly adults only please

OVER 18's!!!

1 comment:

Adam Kelly said...

I fuppin love this short, I can really see it being picked up by the BB fuckin C. They love the smut they do. Anyway Lets hope u and ur boyfriend Ed cum steaming on to a screen near us again soon. Peace out Gayme.