Monday, April 09, 2007

Not feeling too good!

So, I've been in bed for the last 2 days, so its been a really great bank holiday week-end!!! My sister brought some viral thing home and after a week of her being sick, i finally got it. So I decided to post an image from my show reel DVD i made when i went to Canada. It's one of the last images on the DVD and i really like the mega man head. I also found some pretty great blogs and sites during my "in firmed" time! Go check them out there's some brilliant stuff. I think my favourite blog i found is actually a guy in England called Andy J. Latham. He's learning to animate so its refreshing to see some one with such enthusiasm!

Andy's blog

Andy's got some great video files on there. Go watch!


Ian Benjamin Kenny said...

Lovely weather to be sick in bed on a bank holiday weekend, you poor ould sod. I like the purple headed monster!

Ed Smith said...

Jamie you're a ledge, don't mind that langer Benny, he hasn't a clue what it' like to be terminally dysfunctional....hug?

Andy J. Latham said...

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for mentioning my blog! Some of the stuff you have on here is great stuff. I love your animation reel. I hope that I can make one that is as impressive as that someday!

Hope you feel better soon!